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My order

Can I cancel / change my order?

Yep, but be quick. You’ve got exactly 60 minutes after placing your order to modify whatever you want. Go here to find your order and modify it.
You can still cancel your order after an hour but the shipping cost, 9€, won’t be refunded (see our T&Cs). And don’t complain about it, it’s mainly a loss for us!

How can I track my order?

Well, use your cutest voice to ask Siri or Alexa to give you the exact position of your parcel on earth. Urgh, we’re joking, right?
Our tracking page is not ready yet. Have a look at the email you received after placing your order, everything is in it.

I have a problem with my order.

You should worry, it never happens normally. Write to us at issue(at)tossitgame(dot)eu, the super elves of logistics are in the starting blocks to get you out of trouble.

I didn’t create an account when I ordered.

We’ve got your back, go here, and create your account. As of now, we are not able to relink a former order to your account (it would cost to much resources to do it). 

Should I use social media to solve my issue?

No, no, no, and NO. Should we say it once more? Here we go: no.
👉 issue(at)tossitgame(dot)eu

Can I get an invoice?

Yep, you will soon be able to generate an invoice for each and every order you made. Go into your account. 

Shipping and returns

How long will it take to get my order?

Hey hey, there is a very special page for that 👉 just hit that link

Can I find you in a store?

Of course, the list is growing fast around the world. The pickup point list and point sales is available and up to date on this page.
By the way, if you are a retailer and want to distribute us anywhere around the world, write to us at pro(at)tossitgame(dot)eu.

Can I return an order for xyz reason?

Within the delay of fourteen days after getting the delivery confirmation, yes. The shipping cost, 9€, won't be refunded as we mentioned it in our T&Cs.
Please read carefully the info on returns here.

Products & Rules

What makes your tossit better than the other "copies" we can see online?

We are glad you asked because we spent most of our time designing it. So, we are happy to talk about it.

A bit of historic context
As you can read it in our story everything started with paper balls we used to throw in the trash can. So, we started to design and test a cubic version with 6 suction cups. It was a mess. Gaetan and Etienne, two engineers from an “elite Schools of Engineering” pull together their knowledge and skills to design, test, and invent the Tossit. The physics, the aerodynamics, or even the organic chemistry behind the product were part of their daily life at some point, they know quite a little bit about it.

The short and technical answer
So, all in all, we started from scratch, designed and tested 12 versions. In the meantime, we bought several other versions online, tried them as well, and proceeded to a battery of tests we won’t reveal here. We finally came up with a “cahier des charges” to follow to produce a piece that:

  • allows the player to master the throw very fast

  • is reliable throw after throw in terms of behaviour and performance

  • is easy to “understand” so you can learn from it and improve your skill

  • lasts in time

  • is produce in Europe (Turkey, Hungary so far)

  • contains NO PLASTIC AT ALL and used the 2nd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust

    is chemical free

BUT that’s not all.
Focusing on the product is great. That’s the bare minimum, right?
We go beyond, we develop a whole universe around TOSSIT (first examples, our outfits, the events) and we provide the best human customer service we can. (please be indulgent for the launch, we had to face many troubles with the services we were using, most them are crap or thief, we went public to expose them and we changed)

Final thought: why TOSSIT and not the other? 
There is RedBull and the others, there is CocaCola and the others, there is Adobe and the others, there is Champagne and sparkling wines, and so on. We chose our side, did you?

I struggle to throw.

Find technical advice and videos here to learn how to handle your Tossits the right way. Also, join us on Tiktok to watch the best players.

I don’t know how to aim.

Well, well, well... Go back to the basics daily, the paper ball, the trash can, and throw again and again. With moderation at the office, overtraining can get you fired. Otherwise, join us on TikTok, you will quickly understand. ✌

Suction cups stick less after a few throws.

Admit it, you haven't dusted or cleaned in a little while (you're not alone 🙄) so it's normal. Silicone is a pretty magical material that collects dust or hair from our awesome 4-legged friends. 🐶 You need to wipe/clean the suction cup from time to time to restore its original adhesive power. You can also put them in the dishwasher for a complete cleaning.

I have lost a Tossit, what can I do? Or my dog eats one Tossit.

Don't worry, you're not alone. We anticipated that and you can order it here. Remember to close the window BEFORE you throw next time, it seems logical, but we like to insist. 🤷♀️ and feed your dog please.

Is silicone organic?

What?! No idea, but it complies with the 1935/2004/EC European regulation on silicone products (much more restrictive than in the US). For Germany, it meets the standards of the LFGB (Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände-und Futtermittelgesetzbuch). Bless you!

I have a question about a particular situation during a game.

Well, check the rules here, we might already have encountered such a situation. Or take a picture, post it on Instagram and tag us @tossitgame. We’ll help sort it out.

Price & OffeRs

Do you have a coupon for me?

Nooooo, but we have some delicious cookies. Want one? 🥚

Is it possible to get a TOSSIT set at a lower price?

Yes and here is how:
- Subscribe our newsletter, 5 to 15% off (on the already reduced price)
- Pre-order your game to enjoy at least 40% off
- Join us when we go live on social media, there are several sets to win
- Buy multiple sets at once to lower the cost per item

I find your product a bit expensive.

Here is a secret, we could have made it half as expensive by:
- Not spending so much time on design / testing
- Choosing the manufacturer who is the least concerned about its environmental impact
- Choosing another material than silicone with a much higher environmental impact
- By making it 2 or 3 times smaller as we can see pale copies here and there
- By choosing a packaging with plastic
- By choosing a low-cost shipping service without the insurance that you finally receive your order. What do you want? A cheap product with no guarantee, a more expensive one that will be delivered?
- By providing no customer service

We did not do it to ensure an excellent quality of play and to minimise the environmental impact of TOSSIT. We spare no expense on quality.

I want to order more than 10 units, is there a discount?

Are you also getting ready for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?
Tell us everything by mail, we will see what we can do to support your future club / league in its preparation.