The Tossits have been designed to optimize the flying and sticking performances. It works every time if you use them the right way. MOST IMPORTANT THING: hold your Tossit at the back, at the base of the wings.

Choose the surface you want to play on. Keep a distance of 9′ to 16′ (3 to 5 m) or more but not less. Make a bell-shaped throw for horizontal surfaces (as if you were pointing at petanque) or a straight throw for vertical surfaces (like a dart throw).

Do not break your wrist at the end of the movement. You forearm does the job, release the Tossit at the highest point of the curve.

Some tips from the team and others players below.

Forearm move
Bell-shaped throw
Straight throw 🥚

Surface difficulty


floor, windows, 45° inclined surface (easiest one)


coffee table, car, cupboard, tiles (cause you have to avoid the lines, more challenging)


table, counter, bar – the higher the horizontal surface is, the harder it becomes (bell-shaped throw gets more complicated)

One of the most complicated surface: high tables


#1 Start to visualize where you want to throw. Then look ahead of you and follow your Tossit with your eyes to make sure the trajectory is straight. Tossits must not rotate in the air at all.

#2 Use your ring finger to help keep the Tossit horizontal when held in your hand. Like this ⬇

Well, we wish you all the best guys. Like any another game or activity, the more you practice, the better you get at it. We’ve been throwing them thousands and counting times, but our friends master it and play with us in less than 10 mn! Anyone can do it, you just have to get started.

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