how to play

🎯 Classic rule

If you have ever played Petanque (boules/balls sport), you will get it quickly!

Short version
Here too the objective is to reach 13 points before your opponent by throwing your Tossits the closest to the Jack as possible. While your team remains the closest, the opposing team has to throw until they come closer. The team that wins the round throws the Jack for the next round.

Long version.
➜ 1 vs 1, 3 Tossits each, 1 Jack
➜ 2 vs 2, 3 Tossits each, 1 Jack. 2 sets needed
➜ 3 vs 3, 2 Tossits each, 1 Jack. 2 sets needed
12 Tossits maximum per game + 1 Jack (you may try 18...)

Draw lots to determine which player starts, he throws the Jack (10 feets at least) and his first Tossit. An opposing team player takes his place and throws his first Tossit to try to get closer to the Jack.
The team with the Tossit that is closest to the Jack is said to "have the point", the other team has to throw until it either gains the point, or runs out of Tossit.
After both teams have thrown all of their Tossits, the team with the Tossit closest to the Jack wins the round. The winning team scores one point for each of its Tossits that is closer than the opposing team's closest Tossit. The team that just won starts the next round. The first team that reaches 13 points wins the game.

Classic Tossit particularities.
At the beginning of a round, if the player who throws the Jack fails two times, then an opposing team player takes its place. If he also failed two times, then it’s again the 1st player’s turn, and so on.

In case any player manages to stick a Tossit, the team that threw the Jack scores 1 point.

While shooting is hard to achieve, Kiss and Jumpover are more likely. 

💋 Kiss: 2 Tossits touch each other. The team that kisses the other team scores one extra point per kiss.
A kiss to oneself (i.e. within the same team) earns an extra point as well.

💘 Jackiss: one Tossit touches the Jack. At the end of the round, every other Tossit of that team that sticks scores 1 point no matter how close it is to the Jack.

⬇ Jumpover: you manage to place one of your TOSSIT on top of another one. If the lower Tossit belongs to the opposing team, it is immediately cancelled, otherwise everything is fine. At the end of the game, every Jumpover scores 3 points no matter which team “has the point”.

🦘 Jackover: you manage to place your Tossit on top of the Jack (wow, really wow). Your team immediately wins not only the round, but the game.

❌ Jack fall: let’s say you threw and stuck the Jack on a windows. At some point during the round, the Jack falls. The team which “had the point” before the fall scores 1 point and the round is over. In case you shoot the Jack before a team succeeds to stick a Tossit, nothing happens. You just restart the round. 

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⚔️ Duel mode

1 VS 1, 1 set needed. 🥚

This mode was accidentally discovered one night in December 2022. Check the original video here

Choose two identical surfaces, ideally on a table or on the floor. Face your opponent and keep a distance of 3 to 4 meters (9 to 13 feet) between you. Rock paper scissors to know who will start to throw first. The first player has to throw the 7 Tossits (Jack in last) on his opponent's surface. The goal is to stick as many Tossits as possible AND to validate it with the Jack at the end. Once you manage to stick the Jack on that designated surface, then every Tossit stuck on that surface scores one point. The first to reach 21 points wins

The difficulty here is to stick the Jack at the end. If you fail, you score zero points. 
A kiss gives 1 extra point, a jumpover 2 extra points.

Easy to understand, fun to play, perfect for party or aperitif time

Don't forget to share your games or exploits in story, tag us @tossitgame and use the hashtag #tossit or #justtossit. You have every chance of being our next Player Of the Week.

💥 Battle mode

1 VS 1, 9 Tossits each. 3 sets needed.

Here you have to be faster and more efficient than your opponent to score 21 points first.

Choose a designated surface where to throw your Tossits (table, car, window, etc.) and place yourself and your opponent at the same distance from that surface. Someone gives the “go to throw” signal and both players start to fire their Tossits until they run out.

The first player who throws its last Tossit shouts “stop” to prevent its opponent from throwing any other Tossit. This is why you have to be fast. ⚡

Every Tossit that sticks on the designated surface scores 1 point.

Collect your Tossits and start another round until someone reaches 21 points. That’s another “stop” signal and the opponent cannot throw any other Tossit after that. There are some fast throwing techniques to turn the situation around if your opponent is about to win the game. We let you figure it out and surprise him or her with your poker move. 😏

Tossit Battle particularities
If both players go over 21 points (possible with fast throwing strategies), the one with the highest score wins the game.

When 2 valid Tossits (i.e. stuck on the surface) touch each other, that’s a kiss. If they belong to the same player, he scores 1 extra point, otherwise they are eliminated.

A Jumpover (one Tossit stuck on top of another), regardless of the colour of the lower Tossit, makes you win the game immediately.

If a player doesn't stick a single Tossit, he loses as many points as his opponent gains (so aim a little rather than going at it like a bull at a gate, we say that but ... we do go like bulls as well 😂)

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Now that's the rule we've been waiting for, right? As you can imagine, we weren't going to forget about all the beer pong lovers. 🤪

1 set needed (or 2 if you're playing 2 vs 2), 10 glasses or cups per team, 1 erasable marker.

Unlike beer pong, you don't throw the Tossits into the cups. You throw them into circles drawn on your table (or other playing surface) that represent 6 (or 10) glasses arranged in a pyramid.

If you have an "official" table 👇 (then you are qualified to come and challenge us 💪) the position of the glasses is already drawn, otherwise you take your best felt pen, a cup upside down, and make circles on each side of the table or floor.

We recommend 6 circles in 1 vs 1 game, 10 circles in 2 vs 2.

And the cups?
Well, you fill them with your best drink, #youknowwhatwemean 😜, and then you arrange them on the side of the table.

In turn, each team throws 1 Tossit until there are none left. The points scored by each are then counted. The difference is the number of drinks that the losing team must drink.
Concretely: if A scores 4 points and B only 2 points, then B must drink and remove 2 glasses. The game continues until one of the teams has no more glasses.

To score 1 point, the Tossit MUST be standing upright (so it doesn't have to be stuck) entirely inside a circle, on the edge it doesn't count.

Subtleties of the BEER TOSSIT
At the end of the game, if the difference in points is greater than the number of glasses remaining to the losing team, then the winning team generously offers its glasses to complete. Cheers!

If a team "sticks" all their Tossits in the circles, they win the game, the opponents have to empty their glasses on the spot. What a performance! 😮

When 2 valid Tossits (i.e. stuck or standing) touch each other, it's a kiss, it scores an extra point AND the opponents have to chug an extra glass.

If a team doesn't "stick" any Tossit (not necessarily in the circles), they have to chug a penalty glass.

Play on the floor and use the tiles to define the scoring areas. By using the tiles or patterns on your floor, you can easily create your own playing area or even define higher scoring areas, bottoms up tiles, etc. etc. We don't doubt your creativity.

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😜 Toss & Drink

A variation of the classic rule to play at night and stay hydrated, because it's important to stay hydrated. 💦

1 set needed and 1 beer (or glass) per person (or 2 sets if you play with 4 players)

In each round, instead of keeping score, the losing team drinks as many sips (or glasses) as their opponent scores - see the classic rule, the petanque one in fact.

The game ends when the losers have nothing left to drink (now it's your problem if you choose beer tower as a glass ... 😬).

Don't forget to share your games or exploits in story, tag us @tossitgame and use the hashtag #tossit or #justtossit. You have every chance of being our next Player Of the Week.


🌊 RIVER - family mode

2-4 players
12 Tossits, 2 markers (2 Jacks or 2 different Tossits you are not playing with)
The 2 camps of the river board touch each other alongside the “river” side. Each player or team is placed 2-3 m away from the board and faces the opponent. They are given a set of 6 Tossits each. The 2 markers are placed on the “Start” circle.

The game proceeds in rounds, with each player taking turns to toss their 6 Tossits onto the board, in the opposing camp. The aim of the game is to score points by landing Tossits in different sections of the camp, with the higher scoring sections being more challenging to reach.
On the river board there is a “river” (obvious, right?) that you should avoid touching. If one of your Tossits is stuck on the board and touches the river, you have to stop throwing your Tossits until the end of the round. Your opponent will continue and probably beat you on this round, so avoid throwing your Tossit into the river. 

A team scores points based on where their Tossits lands. If they land between two point zones, the lower one counts (touching the score keeper zone scores 0 point).
Throwing in your own camp is simply giving points to the other team. Kiss and Jumpover add extra points like for the classic rule.
At the end of the round, the Team with the higher score moves its marker to the next circle.

There is a variant to move the marker. You move it according to the number of points your team scored.
0 to 4 points, no move
5 to 9, 1 circle forward
10 to 14, 2 circles forward
15 to 18, 3 circles forward

The first team to reach the “finish” circle wins.

Remember, this is a game for fun. It's not about who wins or loses, but about the enjoyment of the game and the time spent together. Enjoy your TOSSIT board game!

🌊🍻 RIVER - party mode

The only difference with the “family mode” is that the score difference between the 2 teams at the end of a round equals the number of sips the losing team has to drink.

Let’s say Team A scores 3 points and Team B 13 points, Team B will move its marker on the next circle (or 2 circles forward if you play the variant) and Team A will enjoy drinking 10 sips of its favorite beverage. Beer is definitely recommended. 😏The team that reaches the “finish” circle first wins, the losers must drink their glass bottoms up.

As with any drinking game, always drink responsibly and ensure everyone is playing in a safe and comfortable environment. Enjoy the game!


2-8 players
24 Tossits
The 2 camps of the beer board touch each other on the “cancel” side. Each player or team is placed 2-3 m away from the board and faces the opponent. They are given a set of 12 Tossits each.

As for the beer-pong game, the objective is to put something in the opposing team's glasses to make them drink. Here you have to throw the Tossits right into the circle to validate it and have the opponents drink at least a sip or more if that circle says more. Tossits that land between circles or partially in a circle do not count.
Each team is free to throw its Tossits without waiting (not one player after another). Do not remove the Tossits at the end of a round, continue to “complete” the pyramid until all the circles are validated.

If a Tossit lands in a bonus circle, that bonus is immediately applied.
"REWIND" allows a player to rethrow all Tossits that didn't land on the board (they have to be on the floor).
"SWAP" allows a player to change its throwing side (powerful bonus).
"BLIND", the opposing team has to throw blinded.
"SWITCH", the opponents have to switch their throwing hand.
"CANCEL" voids all the bonuses the other team had for the ongoing round.

Tossits that hit a bonus circle must stay there until the end of the round.

Scoring and Ending the Game:
At the end of each round, players must drink according to the circles their opponents successfully hit. If a Tossit is knocked out of a circle by another Tossit, the first Tossit's effects (drink or bonus) are cancelled, and the player must try to land it in a circle again.
The game continues until a pyramid is fully completed. It goes much faster than the beer-pong which becomes boring near the end.

Remember, the key to this game is accuracy and strategy - aim for the circles that will give you the most advantage or force your opponent to drink the most. As with any drinking game, always drink responsibly and ensure everyone is playing in a safe and comfortable environment. Enjoy the game!


Play classic rules on the back of every TOSSIT board. It also made to play the DUEL MODE everywhere.


📍 Where to play

The surface has to be flat and non-porous to help the Tossits to stick.
The floor is definitely not the only option. These surfaces can work too: table, countertop, fridge door, windows, wall, car, anywhere where the suction cups can work actually.

🎲 Tips

Start by playing on the ground, you will master the throw faster. 👉 Click here to get the tutorials and watch some videos. 👈

Hold the Tossit at the back, at the base of the wings. Throw it like a dart.

Make sure the suction cups are clean before throwing, it will stick better. Tossits are even dishwasher safe.

🎱 Your rule

You invented your own rule with your crew?
Send us a video of it and if we love it too, we'll add it, and we'll offer you gifts (personal clothes, sets, gift vouchers, invitations). 🎁

Tournament & Contest


When it comes to doing crazy stuff, completely WTF, or breaking records, your creativity just has no limits and it leaves us blown away or dead laughing! So we wanted to highlight the performance - or failure for that matter - that has most bluffed us, astonished us, or made us roll on the floor laughing during the week, and to reward you for that!

We offer you a unique gift card worth €100 and the choice between:
➜ the "Player of the week" hoodie (not to be found anywhere else)
➜ the "Player of the week" cap (not to be found anywhere else either)

That's not all as we'll share the video of your performance on our social networks to give you more exposure. You will also enter the "Players of the week" ranking on our website with a link to your video. In short, you are the star of the week.

How to become “Player of the week”?

Be creative and
- post your achievements on social media as usual (in story, your own feed). At least tag us @tossitgame and use the hashtag #tossit or #justtossit.
- send us your video by direct message on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok or any other way if you find one.

Our team will collect everything and review it. At the end of the week, we vote. A great moment 😂. After the vote, we contact the selected person by message and the result is published every Monday.

Important: being nominated means accepting that we can reuse the content you have produced in our communication. Please take 2 minutes to look at the data we may use with your consent.

Tournament & qualification

We are working on the organisation of the first competition. When the community and you the players are ready, we will give you the details of this event. Until then, practice for the qualifying rounds.