♠️ Good point, why did we launch such a game?!


Everything starts from what we’ve been doing since we could pretty much hold something in our hands.

As children, we threw our blocks and our toys because…(for no reason in fact), then paper airplanes (that didn’t fly), water bombs (because it’s super funny), balloons, and today we throw the stick or the ball to the dog, snowballs too, but the supreme throw remains the paper ball in the trash can.

What a kick, what a thrill when, from a corner of the office and after a few seconds of intense calculations, we put it right in the bull’s eye. Baam! And there it is the celebration, we want to run in the corridor, to dance, to show to those who are around that we are good! It’s a pleasure to feel this inner power, a real drug.

By the way, this performance earned an A for an entire class in Ohio. Here is the gem 👇 (it is beautiful 😍, we are jealous.)

Well actually, we can’t celebrate too much at the risk of looking like a (more) crazy person, people around wouldn’t understand, only the real ones know. Frustrating!

In the middle of the covid period, while we were sharpening our throws from the home-office (and even from the more spacious family house) – 200% creativity mode on – we saw that the parents didn’t see our performances the same way as the younger.

Weird. 🤔

We had to find a common game of skill to bring together the children, the adults, and us, the ones who were running on coffeeS, lines of code, emails, social networks… In short, a common thing to let off steam and have fun even inside (and show who was the best, important).

We mixed Pétanque, Molkky, darts, curling (or not) to obtain TOSSIT (yes, it took us weeks to find that name).

Before being able to play with family or friends, we had to prototype (tested about twelve models quite a lot of times…), design, test, adjust, retest… all this to say that we didn’t snap our fingers and hop a little TOSSIT.

We are slightly perfectionists, but when it’s for fun, we don’t count!

If this explanation didn’t convince you, you should know that we secretly dream of participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in hammer throw. For the moment we are sharpening our aim, we will go to the gym one day*.

*in any case, we strongly believe in it. 💪