Doing better every day, putting common sense back into everything to continue living, having fun, and consuming more responsibly. Small gestures require little energy, we “just” have to do them all together as many times as possible.

We’ll keep it short because we’ve been committed to bees since 2007 and we’ve had multiple opportunities to write, describe, and explain about it.

Gaëtan and Nicolas created the company Confidences d’Abeilles in 2015 to share their passion and the incredible products of their beehives with the greatest number. The real products, not those imported, nor those of poor quality that are over-branded to look authentic (we will not name anyone). In 2019 and to tackle the decline of bees, they created a nonprofit organisation which quickly became a 1% for the planet partner. Sponsors, individuals and companies, can support beehive installations.

TOSSIT proudly supports the bees by sponsoring 5 beehives. We let you know and we let you enjoy the benefits of the beeswax by slipping 1 lip balm in your packages. The quantities are unfortunately limited to the number of beehives supported, so we can’t put them in every time. You can also order them online. You will support the bees in the process which is a good thing.

Long live the bees and please buy real honey or don’t.

Gaëtan & Nicolas