TOSSIT's Expansion

Your Opportunity to Support and Profit

A Sneak Peek at TOSSIT

As a part of the TOSSIT family, you already know we're a thriving throwing game company with a grand vision: selling 160,000 games globally by year's end. Our founders, Gaetan and Nicolas, have set their sights on expanding our presence to Germany, the UK, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and Japan. With your familiarity and love for our product, we believe you are the perfect people to support our brand's growth!
Why We Need You 🤝

To achieve our expansion goals, we need to recruit community managers and content creators in each target country to drive marketing efforts and boost sales. This costs about €480,000 annually (€40,000 per person). Moreover, financing a part of stock production to meet our sales targets requires €372,000 upfront. In total, we need approximately €492,000.

Instead of turning to banks, we prefer to ask you, our loyal customers, to lend us the needed funds. You already understand our product, our brand, and our story. Your support means more to us than any financial institution's.

The opportunity: 10% interest over 6 months 💰

For every €25 loaned, we'll set aside one game in a warehouse as collateral. These games will remain unsold until your loan, plus interest, is repaid. The proposed interest rate is 10% every six months with a maturity date set for February 1, 2024.

All repayments will be made in a single transfer. Loans are governed by Estonian law, with a minimum of €1k and a maximum of €20k per lender.

Our Exciting Journey So Far 🥇

Our success isn't merely speculative. We've sold just over 19,800 games from October 22 to June 23. After adding X2 and X4 packs, we've seen a 15% increase in basket size. Not to mention, our Amazon performance: 2,467 items sold in just three months, quickly becoming the #1 in "Boule and Pétanque" and gaining "Amazon's choice" status.

What’s Next? 🚀

As we grow and forge new partnerships, like the one we're negotiating with GIGAMIC, one of France's main board game distributors, we foresee even more exciting opportunities. We can't wait to have you on board in this thrilling journey, supporting our brand while gaining financial rewards. For any queries, feel free to reach out to invest(@)tossitgame(.)eu.

Let's make TOSSIT's success story even more remarkable, together. 🔥